Binghatti Galaxy

Binghatti Galaxy! Exclusive New Project Located in Dubai Jumeirah Village Circle! By Binghatti Developers. New launch in Dubai, direct from Developer. Save your dream unit now. We fight the best deals make the impossible possible and guarantee the best offer in the market for our clients around the world. Your OFF-Plan specialist in the UAE & Middle East. 0% Commission and 24h reachability is the promise from us.

  • Property size Studios -2 Bedroom

  • Price Range Starting 951k aed

  • Type Apartments

  • Flat Size 489 - 2.674 Sqft

  • Status Handover Q3/2024

Binghatti Galaxy JVC, Dubai

Stable Currency & location

The UAE Dirham has been pegged to the US Dollar since 1973 and set at a constant rate since 1997 – making it one of the most stable currencies in the world.

Dubai is home to an environment where communities thrive with excellent city infrastructure, legal systems, public transport, parks, entertainment and more.

Communal harmony

Home to over 200 different nationalities, Dubai is a cosmopolitan safe haven that stands for inclusion, diversity and security.

Dubai is home to an environment where communities thrive with excellent infrastructure, public transport, parks, and more.

Safety for all & World Healthcare

The UAE is one of the world's safest countries with a law enforcement system that showcases years of development and foresight, resulting in low crime rates.

With heavy investment in the healthcare sector, the city is the perfect choice for your health and wellbeing.

Tax Incentives

The UAE offers several incentives including zero income tax, zero capital gains tax, and zero wealth tax, enabling maximum return for investors and business people

Open and Free System

Open economic policies, minimal government control and private sector regulation facilitate Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), lending a competitive edge globally.

Best Investment Highest ROI

According to a study conducted by Bayut & Propertyfinder, the renowned real estate platforms in the UAE, the average ROI in Dubai for residential properties ranges between 6-11%. These data are based on the rental yields of properties in various districts of Dubai.


Binghatti Galaxy JVC

  • Supermarket: 0,0KM
  • Metro Station: 2,0KM
  • Airport: 30,6KM
  • University: 2,9KM
  • Hospital: 0,9KM
  • Bus Station: 0,6KM
  • Pharmacy: 0,0KM
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visit location
About Binghatti Galaxy JVC

A Cosmic Canvas in the heart of cvc

Deriving inspiration from the infinite expanse of the universe, often poetically depicted as a canvas upon which cosmic elements are set out, Binghatti Galaxy forms a radical approach for its residents, curating a design experience reminiscent of artists’ stoke on a canvas.

Binghatti Galaxy is an avant-garde hyper property that transcends traditional architectural boundaries. The design concept revolves around creating living spaces that mirror the dazzling assemblage of cosmic elements, evoking a sense of awe, with sleek futuristic lines and a harmonious blend of cutting-edge technology and organic elements.

Binghatti Galaxy stands out for its meticulous focus to detail, evident in every facet of its construction. The interiors are an impeccable cohesion of form and function, elevating comfort for its residents. From high-quality materials, state-of-the-art technologies and energy-efficient solutions to ensure a harmonious coexistence with the environment.

Beyond the state-of-the-art amenities and sophisticated design, Binghatti Galaxy is committed to fostering a sense of community, creating a sense of ethereal ambiance that mirrors the vastness of the night sky. The hyper property distinguishes itself through its commitment to sustainability, integrating advanced technologies with ecological practices to reduce its environmental footprint.


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